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We help you lowering your stress level

We are exposed to stress in various forms every day. Everyday noise such as road noise, construction noise or aircraft noise, the digitalisation of life, the ever-increasing clock frequency at work and in private life demand a lot from the individual.

How can you make your everyday life more relaxed

and respond better to stress peaks?

KeepHealth's continuous ECG allows you to record your individual level of stress in real time. We constantly measure your stress level during the day and the result in Personal Health Points (PeP) will be displayed to you every 30 minutes.

KeepHealth offers you fast and medically proven solutions to reduce your stress more efficiently and to live more relaxed.

There is MoR (Moment of Relaxation) for the rapid reduction of short-term stress peaks. This allows you to reduce your stress level immediately, quickly and easily in the event of an acute need.

And our audio library will help you to build up a higher resistance to stress in the long term. There you will find meditative exercises for the long-term reduction of your stress level.

The highlights of KeepHealth

Stress level is measured professionally

KeepHealth measures your individual stress level via the high-precision continuous ECG. Every 30 minutes you get a real-time update to your current stress level.

Evaluation by personal health points

Your stress level is assessed through our professional analysis algorithms and presented in Personal Health Points (PeP).

KeepHealth offers direct help for quick stress reduction

We offer you fast and medically approved solutions to reduce your stress more efficiently and to live more relaxed. MoR (Moment of Relaxation) is ready for you to quickly reduce short-term stress peaks. With it you can quickly and easily reduce your stress level at any time.

Built-in relaxation audio library

Our audio library will help you to develop an improved ability to relax in the long term. There you will find meditative exercises, hypnosis tools and guided exercises for long-term stress reduction.

Is it difficult for you to relax?

KeepHealth recognizes phases with increased stress levels and offers you short exercises exactly then. By individual feedback of your heart and your breathing the stress is quickly and reliably taken away. The suggested time for these exercises also refers to the ultradian rhythm.rch all day. A targeted deepening of this rhythm during the day leads to an improvement of your sleep and your generalA targeted deepening of this rhythm during the day will improve your sleep and overall performance.

The decisive advantages of such measures are thus the short-term reduction of the stress level at the optimal time, the long-term improvement of your ability to relax and a better sleep.

KeepHealth - we cut your stress level down

KeepHealth helps you live healthy

KeepHealth helps you with many aspects of your health. Here a healthy sleep is only part of our spectrum of effects. Further innovative features await you. Invest in your health today!

Personal HealthAccount

Using the Personal Health Points (PeP) as a universal means of payment for your health account, your health status for all areas of life can be recorded immediately and intuitively.

Sleep better

Is it hard for you to fall asleep or sleep through?

We offer you different possibilities to improve your sleep decisively. And always with the objective feedback which of these intervention works best for you.

The right amount of physical activity

We measure and evaluate your physical activity regardless of whether you play sports or are otherwise active. We automatically recognize your individual performance level. On this basis, your daily recommendation for exercise is calculated and displayed to you via your personal health points (PeP).

Balanced food

Keep Health makes it easy to evaluate your food and gives you an excellent overview of your eating habits over time. What matters is whether what you eat is fresh or industrially processed food. Just take a picture of your food and rate it in the easy KeepHealth manner.

Your HeartSelfie

With HeartSelfie you can make a selfie of your heart at any time with just one touch. A 60 second ECG image of your heart is automatically stored. You can share this HeartSelfie, send it or show it directly to an expert on your smartphone.

Invest in a relaxed life!