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We help you to sleep deeply and restoratively.

Insomnia and the feeling of not being well rested is a widespread phenomenon, not just today. Wouldn´t it be great to measure objectively when and why we sleep better and deeper and what prevents a restful sleep?

Finally a comprehensible explanation for:

I feel recovered and well rested. vs. I feel tired.

Apparently, factors such as sleep duration and sleep time are the same, yet it feels different.

That's where KeepHealth comes into play!

What does KeepHealth measure?

KeepHealth measures your sleep through the continuous ECG. It uses medical-grade analytical techniques. For the first time a sleep-phase analysis comparable to the accuracy of professional sleep analysis systems is available for private customers on a daily base. With a closed feedback loop, KeepHealth makes it possible for you to see which actions and routines will lead to an objective improvement in your sleep quality and which not.

KeepHealth helps you to sleep deeper and better

The KeepHealth Audithek offers a large selection of suitable elements as measures for shortening the fall asleep phase and improving sleep through the night. From sleep hypnosis, melodies of nature, fall asleep stories, specific fall asleep frequencies such as white noise to specific fall asleep music, we offer you a wide range of effective interventions to individually improve your night's sleep. Best of all, you can objectively determine which sleep audio files work best for you by the numer of PeP (Personalhealth Points) for your last night sleep. The learning algorithm of KeepHealth recommends you in the course of time ever more precisely, individually on you co-ordinated files, from our audio library.

The highlights of KeepHealth

Professional sleep analysis

KeepHealth measures sleep through the high-precision, continuous ECG, recognizes the sleep phases, and determines the recreational value of sleep from the quality and depth of these sleep phases.

Suitable sleeping aids

The KeepHealth Audithek offers a wide range of suitable topics as measures for shortening the fall asleep phase and improving sleep through the night.

Our analysis algorithms will tell you objectively which individual audio files will achieve the greatest improvement in your sleep quality.

Personalhealth Points

In the morning you will immediately receive the rating of your last night's sleep. These reflect the length, quality and recreational value of their sleep. The results are displayed in Personalhealth Points (PeP).

We recognize your time of falling asleep

We recognize when you actually fall asleep and stop playing an active audio file at this point.

Is it hard for you to fall asleep or sleep through?

KeepHealth helps you to sleep better. Our learning system needs some time for this and will help you better and better after a few nights. The first recorded night serves as a reference to determine your individual sleep architecture. From the first recording onwards, each additional night is included in the analyses of our learning algorithms. Each additional night helps to better understand your individual sleep patterns. The advantage for you lies in KeepHealth's increasingly precise suggestions for improving the quality of your sleep.

KeepHealth - finally sleep better

KeepHealth helps you live healthy

KeepHealth helps you with many aspects of your health. Here a healthy sleep is only part of our spectrum of effects. Further innovative features await you. Invest in your health today!

Personal HealthAccount

Using the Personal Health Points (PeP) as a universal means of payment for your health account, your health status for all areas of life can be recorded immediately and intuitively.

Less stress 

Learn to make your day more relaxed and use innovative functions to quickly reduce your stress level.

The right amount of physical activity

We measure and evaluate your physical activity regardless of whether you play sports or are otherwise active. We automatically recognize your individual performance level. On this basis, your daily recommendation for exercise is calculated and displayed to you via your personal health points (PeP).

Balanced food

Keep Health makes it easy to evaluate your food and gives you an excellent overview of your eating habits over time. What matters is whether what you eat is fresh or industrially processed food. Just take a picture of your food and rate it in the easy KeepHealth manner.

Your HeartSelfie

With HeartSelfie you can make a selfie of your heart at any time with just one touch. A 60 second ECG image of your heart is automatically stored. You can share this HeartSelfie, send it or show it directly to an expert on your smartphone.

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