More security with HeartSelfie!

KeepHealth gives you cardiac safety

At any time, you can save a snapshot of your heart with just one touch of a button. This recording is 60 seconds, with 30 seconds being recorded before and 30 seconds after the key is pressed. So you can be sure that everything is recorded.

When and why should I record a HeartSelfie?

KeepHealth's continuous ECG allows you to record a HeartSelfie at any time. If you feel chest pain, tachycardia or any other discomfort, one click and this moment is saved. You can share (send) HeartSelfie or show it to an expert on your smartphone for clarification.

Please note that KeepHealth is not a medical device. We waive the expensive medical approval to offer you a high quality product at a great price. The ECG corresponds to medical quality. The entire development and manufacturing process meets the strict requirements of medical approval. 

KeepHealth - HeartSelfie at any time

HeartSelfie the new way to cardiac safety

KeepHealth stores your entire ECG even without recording a HeartSelfie. In the basic version we store the ECG as long as the app is open. In the premium version we store your complete lifetime ECG. It is thus possible to recognize creeping changes in your heart at an early stage and react in a timely manner.

KeepHealth - Heart safety thought through

KeepHealth helps you
to live healthy

KeepHealth helps you with many aspects of your health. Here the HeartSelfie is only a part of our impact spectrum. Further innovative features await you. Invest in your health today!

Personal HealthAccount

Using the Personal Health Points (PeP) as a universal means of payment for your health account, your health status for all areas of life can be recorded immediately and intuitively.

Sleep better

Is it hard for you to fall asleep or sleep through?

We offer you different possibilities to improve your sleep decisively. And always with the objective feedback which of these intervention works best for you.

Less stress

Learn to make your day more relaxed and use innovative functions to quickly reduce your stress level.

The right amount of physical activity

We measure and evaluate your physical activity regardless of whether you play sports or are otherwise active. We automatically recognize your individual performance level. On this basis, your daily recommendation for exercise is calculated and displayed to you via your personal health points (PeP).

Balanced food

Keep Health makes it easy to evaluate your food and over time gives you an excellent overview of your eating habits. What matters is whether what you eat is fresh, or industrially produced. Take a picture of your food and rate it in the special KeepHealth way.

Invest in yours

cardiac safety!