Your personal HealthAccount!

Your body is the account of your health

Sleep, relaxation, stress, physical activity and nutrition provide either a plus or minus in your personal HealthAccount.

Your health status can be tracked instantly and intuitively via the Personalhealth Points (PeP) as a universal currency for your HealthAccount.

A standard day usually includes sleep, work, which can be both physical and mental stress, all types of physical activity and your meals. KeepHealth calculates your personal health points (PeP) for sleep, stress and activity based on the continuous EKG data. The PeP for your diet is calculated from the photos of your meals. 

In the areas of sleep, stress, activity and nutrition, +-5 Personalhealth Points (PeP) maintain your current level of health and performance, no improvement and no deterioration. Each additional negative PeP means a withdrawal, each additional positive PeP means a deposit into your HealthAccount.

Your HealthAccount for sleep

For sleep, a maximum of +/- 25 PeP is awarded per night. A rating in the range +/- 5 PeP means that the last night corresponds to the average of your usual nights and thus your individual standard night.

-6 to -15 PeP mean that this night was significantly less regenerative. With -16 to -25 PeP you had no to hardly measurable regeneration phases. 

+ 6 to + 15 PeP mean that you slept better than average. + 16 to + 25 PeP mean a heavenly night's sleep with exceptionally high levels of regeneration. Presumably you have found the ideal sleep support in the KeepHealth audio library.

Your HealthAccount for stress

KeepHealth continuously measures your stress level throughout the day. Every day you start with 0 PeP. KeepHealth assesses the stress every 30 minutes. A maximum of + -25 PePs are awarded for this area per day. A value of +/- 5 PeP at the end of the day means that this day corresponds to your individual standard day and that your stress level over the day was okay.

-6 to -15 PeP mean you have had above-average stress and probably no time to do one or more of KeepHealth's relaxation exercises. These help you to quickly reduce your stress level. Every exercise is a deposit on your HealthAccount for stress.

-16 to -25 PeP mean, you were permanently at the extreme and had no resting periods.

6 through 15 PeP mean you were more relaxed and probably also did one or more of KeepHealth's relaxation exercises. 

With 16 to 25 PeP you have come through the day perfectly relaxed.

Your HealthAccount for activity

KeepHealth measures and evaluates your physical activity regardless of whether you do sports or are otherwise active. Every day you start with 0 PeP. We assign PeP every 30 minutes for this period. A maximum of + -25 PeP are awarded per day. Here too, at the end of the day, a value of +/- 5 PEP corresponds to that this day corresponds to your individual standard day and that your activity level was sufficient throughout the day. At -6 to -15 PeP, you moved less than usual. At -16 to -25 PeP you moved extremely little. Conversely, at +6 to +15, you were more active than average. At +16 to +25 PeP you could hardly be stopped and you had an extremely sporty day.

Your HealthAccount for nutrition

With KeepHealth, simply take pictures and rate your meals. Is it fresh food or industrial processed food. The right mix is what counts and KeepHealth's Personalhealth Points will help you do just that.

KeepHealth helps you live healthy

KeepHealth helps you with many aspects of your health. Physical activity is only part of our spectrum of effects. Further innovative features await you. Invest in your health today!

Sleep better

Is it hard for you to fall asleep or sleep through?

We offer you different possibilities to improve your sleep decisively. And always with the objective feedback which of these intervention works best for you.

Less stress

Learn to make your day more relaxed and use innovative functions to quickly reduce your stress level.

The right amount of physical activity

We measure and evaluate your physical activity regardless of whether you play sports or are otherwise active. We automatically recognize your individual performance level. On this basis, your daily recommendation for exercise is calculated and displayed to you via your personal health points (PeP).

Balanced food

Keep Health makes it easy to evaluate your food and gives you an excellent overview of your eating habits over time. What matters is whether what you eat is fresh or industrially processed food. Just take a picture of your food and rate it in the easy KeepHealth manner.

Your HeartSelfie

With HeartSelfie you can make a selfie of your heart at any time with just one touch. A 60 second ECG image of your heart is automatically stored. You can share this HeartSelfie, send it or show it directly to an expert on your smartphone.

Invest in your personal health account!