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What do fitness bands and smartwatches measure on the wrist?

The pulse frequency derived from the pulse wave is determined optically at the wrist. This is the standard procedure for all heart rate monitors, whether Smartwatch or fitness band. In addition, the devices are usually equipped with an acceleration sensor.

Does fitness bracelets and smartwatches measures
the pulse rate continuously?

These devices typically only measure the pulse rate occasionally because the power consumption of this optical measurement method is relatively high.

Why is the ECG not measured on a wrist?

It is physically impossible to measure an ECG on just one wrist.

At least two points of acceptance are required.

Does fitness bracelets and smartwatches measure ECG?

There are some systems that allow short recordings of 30 seconds of ECG using the principle of the thumb ECG. With this type of measurement it is impossible to make health statements about sleep, stress or activity.

What is the duration of the KeepHealth system?

The continuous operating time of the KeepHealth Wave ECG transmitter is at least 72 hours. It is sufficient to place the Wave on the charger every two to three days for 30-60 minutes in order to be able to record a further 72 hours permanently.

What is the battery consumption of your smartphone when using KeepHealth?

The battery consumption of your smartphone is between 0,8% and 1,2% per hour, depending on the model. Calculated per day, the consumption is ~ 10-15%. This includes the continuous transmission of the ECG via Bluetooth LE to your smartphone as well as all analyses and calculations of your Personalhealth Points (PeP). In short, everything your smartphone needs in terms of energy. For comparison, navigation or complex games consume about the same amount of energy, per hour, as KeepHealth per day.

What is measured?

We measure nonstop your ECG in real time. In addition, we measure your heart rate, your heart rate variability and your physical activity via other sensors integrated in the KeepHealth Wave.

What is the HealthAccount?

The HealthAccount, using the universal currency of Personalhealth Points (PeP), provides information about your personal account balance for sleep, stress, activity and nutrition.

What are PePs?

PeP are your Personalhealth Points. In the areas of sleep, stress, activity and nutrition you can achieve a maximum of + - 25 PeP every day.

+ -5 PeP means you receive your current health status. With negative PeP you deduct from your HealthAccount and with positive PeP you build up a health credit.

What is KeepHealth Wave?

KeepHealth Wave is a continuous ECG transmitter that transmits the ECG and other vital signs to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE.

What is KeepHealth Belt?

The KeepHealth Belt is an ECG chest strap. It is connected to the KeepHealth Wave sensor and placed around the chest. It is comfortable, breathable and cuddly. Also washable, reusable and should be replaced every one to two years.

Why is KeepHealth significantly more accurate than fitness bands and smartwatches in recording physical activity?

The KeepHealth Belt chest strap and thus the activity sensor are firmly connected to your chest. This means that movement data is recorded at the most central point of your body. In contrast, when measuring at the wrist, movements that are not relevant for activity are often added and falsify the results.

What information about my health do I receive?

You get accurate information about your sleep quality, your stress level and your physical activity, in real time. In addition, KeepHealth gives you a deeper understanding of your eating habits.  

What is interval fasting or time restricted eating?

The interval fast can be done daily by fasting 14, 16 or 18 hours every day. Especially beginners fall this variant easily, because you can eat 10, 8 or 6 hours a day.

How is the interval fast function integrated into the KeepHealth system?

You set once, in the settings, the desired duration eg 14 hours. Once you have taken a foto and rated the first meal, the "hourglass" will automatically start to run. You will be notified twice before your eating time window is closing.

What is a HeartSelfie?

With HeartSelfie, you can save a selfie of your heart at any time with just one touch. Immediately, an 60 second ECG image of your heart is saved. You can share (send) this HeartSelfie or show it to an expert directly on your smartphone.

How does KeepHealth help improve your sleep?

Our audio library offers specific sounds, frequencies, hypnoses and songs to help you fall asleep and improve your sleep architecture and quality.

How does KeepHealth help you get enough exercise?

KeepHealth measures and evaluates your physical activity via the PeP, regardless of whether you are exercising or otherwise active.

+-5 PeP at the end of the day means you have moved enough to maintain your current performance level. Any negative PeP means a withdrawal from your ActivityAccount, any positive PeP means a deposit into your ActivityAccount.

What is MoR (Moment of Relaxation)?

Thanks to MoR you can always reduce your increased stress level with a fast, interactive exercise. You can enter the number of desired MoR per day once in the settings and KeepHealth informs you about the optimal times for your next MoR.

Will my steps be recorded as well?

The steps are also automatically recorded and displayed. Daily goals can be set and you can keep track of how far you are from your daily goal at any time.

What does the lifestream of my heart mean?

The Lifestream is, so to speak, your personal life flow in real time. Seeing this is one of the most intriguing experiences. You will love it! We have designed the presentation of the Lifestream so that it passes smoothly and gently. At the same time, it also helps to check whether you have put on your chest belt correctly.

How does a good lifestream look like?

This is what your Lifestream should look like. It flow smoothly and evenly past you.

If the lifestream looks like this, you have set up the KeepHealth Wave sensor the wrong way round. Your heart is upside down, so to speak. Simply turn the chest strap with the KeepHealth Wave sensor over and put it on again.

Why does my lifestream look like this?

This is a so-called noisy ECG. For a good ECG signal, a slight moisture film must form between the rubber electrode of the belt and your skin. If you put on the belt, this may take a few minutes, depending on your skin type. If you moisten the rubber electrode with a drop of water, you will get a permanently good ECG signal much faster and thus a nice lifestream.

Why is KeepHealth a consumer product and not a medical device?

We waive the expensive medical approval to offer you a high quality product at a great price. The ECG corresponds to medical quality. The entire development and manufacturing process meets the strict requirements of medical approval.

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