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KeepHealth improves yours
personal activity.

Physical activity depends on many factors. For example, what your current performance level is, how much and how intensively you have trained in the last few days. Does your body need a regeneration phase or are you rather untrained and now want to start building up your condition?

KeepHealth recognizes your individual performance level and gives you your daily recommendation for physical activity based on your personal health points (PeP).

For an intense exerciser this may mean that KeepHealth encourages him to take regular exercise breaks to prevent overtraining. Being overtrained stands in the way of an increase in performance and thus an improvement in the best values.

KeepHealth gives untrained people the security not to overload themselves and to increase their physical performance carefully.  

The highlights of KeepHealth

Automatic recognition of your individual performance level

KeepHealth recognizes your personal performance level via the permanent ECG.

Sufficiently physically active with Personalhealth Points

Based on your individual performance level, the Personalhealth Points (PeP) will show you whether you have already moved sufficiently.

Training ECG

The most accurate way to determine your heart rate is to derive it from the exercise ECG. An accurate heart rate during training is the prerequisite for better training success. 


Train safer with KeepHealth

For your safety during training, KeepHealth offers the option of providing your complete training EKG to an expert. He can check whether potentially dangerous cardiac arrhythmias occur during exercise. It is advisable to send one to two such training ECG recordings per year to your doctor for assessment. In particular, if the current training session feels different than usual, you should use this option.

We recognize your physical activity
regardless of whether you are active in sports or otherwise.

KeepHealth recognizes their individual level of performance. Based on this, your daily recommendation for exercise is calculated and displayed to you via your Personalhealth Points (PeP). The calculations are based on the analysis of your individual resting ECG and the delta of your respective physical activity, excluding episodes of increased heart rate, which are stress-induced and not motion-induced. 

This is achieved by the permanent correlation of the data of the motion sensor with those of the ECG sensor. The calculation algorithms are based on METs and specific weighting factors.

KeepHealth helps you live healthy

KeepHealth helps you with many aspects of your health. Physical activity is only part of our spectrum of effects. Further innovative features await you. Invest in your health today!

Personal HealthAccount

Using the personal health points (PeP) as a universal means of payment for your health account, your health status for all areas of life can be recorded immediately and intuitively50.

Sleep better

Is it hard for you to fall asleep or sleep through?

We offer you different possibilities to improve your sleep decisively. And always with the objective feedback which of these intervention works best for you.

Less stress 

Learn to make your day more relaxed and use innovative functions to quickly reduce your stress level.

Balanced food

Keep Health makes it easy to evaluate your food and gives you an excellent overview of your eating habits over time. What matters is whether what you eat is fresh or industrially processed food. Just take a picture of your food and rate it in the easy KeepHealth manner.

Your HeartSelfie

With HeartSelfie you can make a selfie of your heart at any time with just one touch. A 60 second ECG image of your heart is automatically stored. You can share this HeartSelfie, send it or show it directly to an expert on your smartphone.

Invest in your fitness!