KeepHealth improves and secures your health!

Continuous ECG technology opens a window to the inner processes of your body and helps you to increase your well-being through a variety of innovations.


KeepHealth - Take your health to the next level!

Dawn of a new age of self-optimization.

KeepHealth helps to sustain your self-perception. With continuous ECG, the processes hidden inside the body are visible for the first time and can be easily improved by embedded innovations for everyone.

KeepHealth improves your sleep, your stress level, your activity and your diet.

Your sleep

KeepHealth measures your sleep using the precise, continuous EKG. We recognize your sleep phases and, derived from the quality and depth of these sleep phases, the recovery value of your sleep.

KeepHealth accurately detects your sleep phases and helps you get better, deeper sleep.

In the morning, you will immediately receive reviews of your last night's sleep. These reflect the length, quality and recreational value of their sleep. The results are displayed in Personalhealth Points (PeP). As measures to shorten the sleep phase and a better sleep through, our Audithek offers many suitable elements. Using our analysis algorithms, you can objectively determine which audio files will achieve the greatest improvement in your sleep quality and regeneration.

Your daily stress

KeepHealth uses permanent ECG to measure your individual level of stress. During the day, your stress level is analyzed every 30 minutes and displayed to you in Personalhealth Points (PeP).

KeepHealth helps you reduce stress.

We offer you quick and medically confirmed solutions to reduce your stress more efficiently and to live more relaxed. Use MoR (Moment of Relaxation) to quickly reduce short-term stress peaks. You can use it to lower your stress level at any time, at short notice. Our audio library will help you to build up a higher resistance to stress in the long term. There we have meditative exercises and relaxation music ready for you for long-term stress reduction.

Your physical activity

KeepHealth measures your physical activity regardless of whether you do sports or are otherwise active. We automatically recognize your individual performance level via the EKG.

KeepHealth helps you achieve your individual optimum of activity.

Based on this, your daily recommendation for exercise is calculated and displayed to you via your Personalhealth Points (PeP).

Your nutrition

KeepHealth makes it easy to evaluate your food and gives you an overview of your eating habits.

KeepHealth helps you to eat more balanced and healthy.

Calories are not everything. Just as important is whether what you eat is fresh, or industrial processed food. Take a picture of your food and rate it in the KeepHealth way. It takes only a few seconds, the rest is done by our algorithm. The embedded time restricted eating (TRE) function helps you to achieve and maintain your desired weight.

Your HealthAccount

Personalhealth Points (PeP), the universal currency for your health account, instantly and intuitively capture your health status for all areas of your life.

KeepHealth evaluates, thanks to permanent ECG, your sleep, stress levels and your activity.

Your body is like an account of health. You pay in and out. Your sleep, your relaxation, your stress, your diet and your physical activity provide either a plus or a minus. In the best case you still have a lot of savings and in bad case you are in debt. 

KeepHealth - helps you build your personal health balance.

Your HeartSelfie

As KeepHealth is continuously recording your ECG, you can make a HeartSelfie at any time with just the touch of a button.  

KeepHealth boosts your cardiac safety.

HeartSelfie, your additional safety in everyday life. If you ever feel chest pain, dizziness or tachycardia, just take a HeartSelfie and show it to an expert at any time.

Sleep better

KeepHealth helps you sleep better and deeper.

Relaxed through the day

KeepHealth helps to lower your stress level permanently.

Sufficient movement

KeepHealth recognizes your daily optimum of movement and helps you to achieve this.

Balanced diet

KeepHealth makes it easy to eat more balanced and achieve and maintain your desired weight.


Personalhealth Points (PeP), the universal currency of your HealthAccount, instantly and intuitively capture your health status.


Make a selfie of your heart at any time with just the touch of a button. You can share/send your HeartSelfie or show it to an expert directly on your smartphone.

Our promise - 100% protection and anonymity for your health data!

We guarantee 100% protection and anonymity for your personal health data. All recorded values ​​and calculated results are never linked to your identity.

How shall we do it?

Your vital signs are your private affair and only you should have sole control over these data. That's why we've designed our system to make it absolutely impossible for your vital data to ever be linked to your identity. For this purpose, there are two completely separate areas.

On the one hand we need your personal data for ordering and delivery. These data are used only for the processing of the purchase and dispatch as well as for sales purposes.

On the other hand, we will send you a KeepHealth system with any serial number from our warehouse. So we don't know which serial number you have. No personal data is required for registration within the app. Only your gender, height, weight and the year of your birth. Our algorithms need this data for an optimal individual assessment.

Thus it is impossible that ever personalized health data neither is in our hands, nor in foreign hands.

KeepHealth - we protect your data

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

For years, we, the founders of KeepHealth, have been active in the healthcare industry and now transforming that expertise into consumer products. We vouch for the high quality of our products.

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